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About Us

Our commitment to supporting good health for everyone drives every facet of our business and partnerships. Innovation, dedication, and strong relationships with our distribution partners are the core values that define Adore Medical Private Limited.

His guidance and values are the driving force in the creation of Adore Medical Private Limited 

Damodar Prasad Agrawal

In 1986, Damodar Prasad Agrawal set out to start a business of medical equipment supply with only Rs. 5000 in his pocket. With no contacts in the business and only a bicycle as a mode of transportation, he single-handedly became a trusted medical supplier in the city of Jaipur within a few years. 

Over the years, his determination and perseverance established his reputation as a devoted businessman characterized by his strength and integrity. In time, his enterprise has grown as a trusted supplier starting in the city of Jaipur, expanding to the state of Rajasthan and eventually all over India.

Our family stands behind Adore Medical so you can stand up for yours.

- Damodar Prasad Agrawal


Our Commitment to Quality


We strictly follow international standards and source only the highest quality materials to develop our products. 

Our Process

Our production process ensures that Adore is a trusted brand for healing and recovery.

  • Strict quality control at every point of manufacturing

  • Clean and sanitary manufacturing facilities

  • High quality materials to ensure comfort, breathability, longevity and effectiveness of supports and braces

  • Trained professionals on staff for compliance and approval

  • Ongoing research and development to make sure the Adore product range of supports and braces moves in line with medical and scientific advancements

Certifications & Standards


ISO 13485


ISO 9001-2015





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